Happily Cooking Gluten-Free

It’s in the Details

It's in the Details
Truth be told, you can eat a majority of foods when you’re a celiac. You can still enjoy all those biscuits, pasta dishes and breads without experiencing all your symptoms. The kick to it all is that gluten tends to be in the sauces, additives and sheer ingredients of these foods.

That’s right. It’s the wheat and barley you’re allergic to–not the meat or fruit. So as you transition into gluten-free cooking, pay special attention to the extras in your food. Keep things easy and opt for plainer meat and un-tampered products.

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For Your Convenience

For Your Convenience
You might feel a little bit of “Why me?” now that you’re in the throws of being a celiac. Until you become fully diagnosed with this disease, you don’t quite realise the amount of extra effort you have to put into eat foods that won’t make you sick.

But you’re not alone. In truth, millions of people suffer from this disease and are right there with you. And to make things easier on all of you, food stores everywhere have started producing gluten-free products, like pasta, yoghurt and crackers. All you have to do is look for that ‘gluten-free’ label to be on your merry way.